Your photos are an investment that should last a lifetime. We have the skills to capture that one special moment and transform your image into a work of art. We want you to have fun and enjoy your experience so that it will come through in your portrait. If you have any questions or concerns about your session, call us anytime We’ll be glad to help.

How much do you charge for a portrait session?
Portrait session price starts at $150 for a 1 hour session. Our Event prices start at $300 for 4 hours within the Greater Toronto Area.

What does my session fee cover?
A full session covers the time and talent of the photographer. It is the fee required to create your images, it does not apply to your print portrait order.

Do I have to order prints?
You don’t have to order prints, you can request your selected images on cd for your personal and non commercial use.
We work directly with high-end photo print shops to guarantee the quality of your final artwork we normally recommend not using low end photo printers to process your files since this is not just a photo but artwork.

How long is my portrait session?
Your portrait session usually takes an hour. A Larger portait session of 6 or more people will take a minimum of 2 hours to organize and photograph sub-groups. Business portraits take only 30 minutes.

What should I wear?
Simple is alway best, wear solid coloured clothing, and matte fabrics. It’s better if you wear fitted clothing long sleeves and long pants.

The magic word is to coordinate tops and bottoms working from the same colour palette for yourself and family members.
Things to avoid are patterns, logos, and short sleeve. Keep your jewellery choice simple and minimal as well.

Where will our portrait sessions take place?
We are an onsite portable photo studio so the choice of venue or location is yours within the GTA. We can do your portrait session at your office, home, park, or a combination of locations within the Greater Toronto Area. Any photo shoots outside of Toronto will be charged at a reasonable rate.
(We do charge for additional locations and photo shoots outside of Greater Toronto Area.)

Do you edit all my images?
Yes, photos are adjusted for brightness and colour corrected before you see your proofs. When you choose an image for printing you may have additional requests for retouching. We can make small edits at no charge to remove superficial marks and blemishes but for substantial editing like removing backgrounds, HQ facial retouching there is an additional value fee of $50 per image.

Who owns the copyright to the photos?
Roger Alfred Photography retains the rights to all the images. You can use the digital files on disc for personal use and reproduction. You can not enter images into competitions or sell them to third parties.