How to Clean Your Lens


Get a Kit
Purchase a lens cleaning kit. Kits may include blower, brush, cleaning tissue, lens cleaning liquid, and microfibre cloth. Prices start from $5 and up. The Altura kit is priced at $20 on

Useful for blowing dust and lint from your lens.

Make sure the brush is designed for cleaning a camera lens. Non camera brushes might actually attract dust.

Cleaning Tissue
Very thin paper used for cleaning lenses. Tissues are for one-time use only, do not reuse them.

Lens Cleaning Liquid
Buy cleaning fluid designed for cleaning camera lenses. Cheaper or homemade products might actually damage the coating on the lens.

Lint-free Micro Fiber Cloth
This is great for wiping the camera body and mount.

Silica Gel
Silica gel will help draw moisture from your camera and your bag.

Cleaning the lens is a simple process. First use the blower to remove any dust or lint from the lens. Secondly gently brush off any stubborn particles. Third step is to apply one or two drops of lens cleaning product on tissue and gently clean the lens in circular motion starting from the center, move outwards to the edge doing this will remove smudges and finger prints. Do not reuse the wipe.

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