How to Make Customers Happy

How to Make Customers Happy

The Customer is Always Right
It starts by greeting with a smile. Always tell your customer what you can do for them. Don’t begin your conversation by telling them what you can’t do. This is a golden rule of service, because they are your top priority.

Let Them Vent
Allow angry customers to vent. Do not interrupt them or start to speak until they have finished having their say. Stay calm and composed, just because they are raising their voice doesn’t mean you should.portrait-big003

Diffuse anger by saying I apologize.  It helps to calm the situation.  The customer may not be right, but the customer should win, so value complaints.  If an error has been made, make it right without making excuses. Remember to use the customers name during your conversation, show them that they are important.

Find Solutions
Make certain that your solution to the problem is acceptable to the customer. Get their approval and agreement first before doing anything. Fix it or explain why you can’t.  But remember, many customers’ needs are usually emotional rather than logical.

Please and Thanks You
Always conclude with a Thank you or a verbal message of appreciation for their business.

 Two Ears One Mouth
There is a reason we have two ears, listen carefully and be attentive. There is nothing worse than asking an angry or annoyed customer to repeat themselves. Restate what they’ve said. Identify needs, ask questions, don’t assume.  And don’t promise the impossible.

The Follow Through
Remember to ask if there is anything else that you can do for your customer. Taking the time to ask the question often results in increased business and a more committed customer.  If you give more than expected, the customer may not leave fully satisfied but perhaps they’ll leave happy.

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